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Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch-Up Premium

In 2013 the Government made a commitment to provide annual additional educational funding to schools for each Year 7 pupil who had not achieved level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2. Schools received additional funding of £500 for each Year 7 pupil who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2.

Catch-Up Premium (2013 - 2014)

In 2013-14, the allocation for Walthamstow School For Girls was £14,500 (29 pupils). This additional grant was primarily used to target support in small intervention groups.

Literacy Support

 A dedicated Year 7 Literacy catch-up programme is run by a Teacher of Literacy. Students are selected on the basis of their KS2 data on entry and CATs assessments conducted at the beginning of Year 7. This year a cohort of 25 students were identified for intensive literacy sessions through the programme to ensure all made at least expected progress through Year 7.

Numeracy Support

We continued with our successful grant funded Mathematics Transition Project with three partner primary schools. This project employed initially employed two dedicated Teachers of Mathematics to teach Year 6 students at our partner schools and identified underachieving Year 7 students at our school. The aim of this project was to tackle the underachievement at the primary level so that we minimise the number of students who enter Year 7 at below level 4. One of our feeder primary schools increased the percentage of students achieving at least level 4 from 78% in 2012 to 90% following this intervention.

We have also trialled a new specialised programme called “1stClass@Number.” The aim of this project was to target students with attainment at the low level 2 to make at least one sub level of progress over a ten week intensive burst of sessions.

Impact of Year 7 Catch-Up Funding

The impact of the year 7 catch-up funding was evaluated through the school’s data and assessment tracking systems, where National Curriculum levels and progress were analysed for patterns and trends. Support was adapted at these points, if appropriate, in order to meet individual student's needs.

The student progress following the Literacy Catch-Up programme was as follows:

  • 71% of students went from Level 3 to Level 4 for Writing
  • 81% of students went from Level 3 to Level 4 for Reading
  • 75% of students went from a Level 2 to level 4 for Reading

The student progress following the Numeracy Catch-Up programme was as follows:

  • 29% of students went from Level 3 to Level 4 for Mathematics
  • 64% of students made at least one sub level of progress with 6% achieving 3 or more sub levels of progress

Catch-Up Premium (2014 - 2015)

Our provisional allocation based on Year 7 entry data will be £9,000 (18 students).

As student outcomes were positive last year, the current Year 7 students are following a similar programme to that of 2013-2014 to develop their reading, spelling and numeracy skills. We are also introducing an Accelerated Reader programme to build reading skills in a structured programme of reading and reviewing both fiction and non-fiction texts. We are reinforcing this work through the creation of a post of responsibility to oversee the implementation and outcomes of this programme.

We have continued to invest in the Mathematics Transition Project with the shared employment of one KS2/KS3 mathematics teacher who will work with pupils who risk transferring to secondary school with mathematics levels below level 4. This project continues with three schools involved; Walthamstow School For Girls, Henry Maynard and Green Leaf Primary School.


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