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Dear Parents and Carers,

What a delight it was to return to school on Monday after the break to see the front gardens a mass of purple and yellow spring blooms-crocuses, narcissi and daffodils. Snowdrops were out in their glory in the small woodland at the back of the school from before the holiday. Storm Doris visited with some force on Thursday-and snapped one of our saplings in the front. Fortunately that was the only damage; however the Year 11 interform was moved into the sports hall during the afternoon. I have no doubt that the girls did not complain as they ended their day by watching a nostalgic slide show of all their previous interform events since Year 7!

 The behaviour of all the girls this week in interform has been superb and extremely good humoured. Thank you also to the sports staff for organising the whole event.

 On Monday, staff were treated to some excellent news. We heard that the half term trip to Rome had been a great success. We are grateful to Ms Famiglietti Mr Shackson and Ms Dowling for giving up their time for this, plus Mr Robert Tatam who was a very knowledgeable guide to the group. I gather his Cicero speech by the Forum attracted a large amount of tourist interest. The only complaint was that the trip entailed a large amount of walking around ancient Rome!

We also heard that two of our members of staff had given birth during the break; Ms Shafiq and Ms Careless-Pye gave birth to a boy and girl respectively. Both mums and babies are doing well. Congratulations to them and their families.

On a less positive note, we have begun to work on our budget for next year. You will have heard from the press that the changes in the funding formula for schools will be hugely detrimental to the London area due to a reallocation of funding to schools in other areas of the country. The government has not made any more money available to schools to pay for the increasing national insurance, incremental and maintenance costs. In addition, the education services grant is ending so all services offered by our local authority have been put at risk and schools will need to determine which of the services that they wish to retain. These are not easy times. As well as keeping you informed, Waltham Forest Headteachers will be lobbying our local MPs and central government about the impact this will have on our provision over the next few years. The local NUT has organised an openinformation meeting on February 28th-see later for details.

 A reminder that Thursday March 2nd will be our next Year 9 Parent/ Carer evening, and Tuesday March 7th will be a meeting for all on the subject of internet safety.

best wishes 

 Meryl Davies







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