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Welcome to Textiles

Curriculum at KS3

In Textiles students learn essential core skills that will inspire them to be creative, expressive and innovative young designers. The introduction of the Scrap Book Challenge, which students can access on the Textiles Scrap Book blog site from home, is a successful way of integrating their Home Learning with a resource bank of key Textile words and illustrations which enthuse the students to become experts in their chosen interest.

All students are given SMART targets in AFL booklets to track and record their progress.  Each year group present their design work on A4 format until Year 9 when students are confident to present all work on A3 format in preparation for KS4.

The students complet one Design and Make assignment at KS3 using a range of  design and making skills, along with specialist equipment such as the sewing machine, overlocker, digital imagery, sublimation printing/heatpress and the vinyl cutter:

  • Year 7 - A new project, ‘Themed dolls’, has been introduced to present Year 7. The dolls are based on several influences such as historical figures, countries or just personal icons. Each doll is made using felt pieces and recycled materials, decorated with sequins and buttons. Products are made using the sewing machines.
  • Year 8 - Tote bags made using cotton drill fabric with sublimation techniques, 2D design for flocking lettering and other decorative methods, such as appliqué and beading, to complete their product.
  • Year 9 - Made to measure quality 1940s influenced pencil skirts, playsuits or shorts using suitable fabrics.

All students are encouraged to make links with other subjects in our curriculum, in addition we also focus on the Six Rs (rethink, reuse, recycle, reduce, refuse and repair) and they use their BLP learning muscles in the lesson.  Extra-curricular lunchtime clubs include a long standing Craft Club and Knitting Club which tends to be oversubscribed so we have a waiting list.

Textiles KS4

Year 10

There will be 5 lessons over a two week cycle, where students follow an AQA Controlled Assessment Skills programme of study. There will be one Design & Make Assignment for the year.  They will have the opportunity to broaden and build on their skills and knowledge, in preparation for year 11.  At the end of the programme of study they will have successfully designed and made a toddlers themed/focus waistcoat.

Year 11

There will be a range of interesting Controlled Assessment Design & Make topics set by the AQA exam board that approaches both the Interior and Fashion aspects of design. The course will enable them to communicate their untapped creative potential while building on previous skills, knowledge and understanding from year 10.  There will also be 5 lessons over a two week cycle.


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