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Welcome to Food Studies

Curriculum at KS3

In Food Studies, students work with a range of equipment and ingredients to safely develop a range of key practical skills, which will prepare them not only for KS4, but for their future lives.

Throughout KS3 they will build up the confidence to create a variety of main meals and desserts inspired by different cultures of the world, and with an emphasis on a healthy balanced diet.

Working independently, and in groups, students will learn to respond to a design brief, and produce high quality practical results according to set criteria.  This usually means a high level of free choice for students within practical lessons by the time girls reach Y9.

Curriculum at KS4

We currently offer the AQA Food Technology GCSE at KS4, which is an exciting, creative and interesting subject to study. The emphasis is on practical learning, and students work with a variety of food ingredients and products in a newly built Food Studies room. The course involves:

  • Learning about foods, ingredients, processes, techniques
  • Experimenting, investigating and testing new products
  • Being creative and designing new products
  • Understanding how a new product is developed in a test kitchen
  • Having an insight into how products are made in the food industry
  • Developing skills
  • Understanding about diets and health
  • Making choices as consumers

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