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Welcome to Design and Technology

Curriculum at KS3

In Design & Technology, students learn to use the design process using research to help stimulate creative and imaginative ideas, and they are encouraged to learn to work independently through planning their practical work.  Students use a wide range of design skills, including Computer Aided Design, 2d and 3d drawing, as well as Graphic design, to help develop ideas. They then use a wide range of practical skills to make products using wood, metal, plastics and Textiles.  We are fortunate to be able to use a laser cutter, together with a range of hand and machine tools, used under a range of safe conditions and with detailed risk assessments.  This ensures that students are not only able to make quality products but work safely too.

Curriculum at KS4

In Design & Technology, options students continue to develop their knowledge of materials and their working properties, using a range of design skills including Computer Aided Design, 3d and 2d drawing, modelling prototypes, pattern cutting etc.  Students are expected to plan their practical work and have access to an impressive range of equipment to help realise their ideas.  We have a range of Computer Aided Manufacturing available including a laser cutter, CNC machine and vinyl cutter.


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